Saturday, May 21, 2016

About Me

Image result for baby elephantMy name is Shaira Moreno.  I am 15 years old.  I  was born in November 26, 1999.  My favorite color is burgundy and I like elephants.  Chinese food is something that I could eat everyday along with frozen yogurt.  When it comes to a favorite sport I would pick basketball.  I like meeting new people and visiting new places.  I like to spend my free time on social media, Netflix or hanging out with friends.

Image result for netflixI have a family of 6.  My family is made up of my mom, dad, 2 sisters and a baby brother/sister on the way.  I am the oldest of my sisters.  One of my sisters is 2 and the other one is 10.   My sisters' names are Andrea, and Jessica.  We still don't know what my mom's baby is going to be but we are very excited to meet her or him.
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I am really looking forward to my Computer Science class.  I am hoping to learn how to use the computer in many other ways than just to surf the web.  I would also like to learn how to use a computer  because in the future I would like to pursue a career that will involve the use of technology and computers.  I find computers very interesting.  Not only that,  but they are also very useful for every proffesion or job out there.  I think that having the knowledge of computer science will provide me with many more opportunities in life as I get older.

Research on Careers in Technology

          One of the top ten careers in the United States is a psychologist.  Psychology is the study of the human mind and its functions.  Psychologists work with those who experience health problems such as anxiety and depression. People go to psychologists when they feel depressed, ill or are mentally drained and are unable to control their emotions.  Psychologists earn around $177,520 on average annually.  This career is very eye catching, not only because of the very good pay, but also because of the help and the change that you would make in the life of the people that need you.
        Also, a very good career to pursue is that of a chief executive.  Chief executive falls under the field of Business Administration.  As a chief executive, you would be responsible for and in charge of overseeing operations for the corporation that you are working for. The average pay of a chief executor is $177,800.  This career would require a lot of responsibility and commitment because the company where you are employed and its future would be relying on you.
        Lastly, another very interesting career is that of a nurse anesthetist.  A nurse anesthetist administers patients the different types of anesthesia medications as needed.  This work is ideal and very much needed for surgeons to safely undergo an operation. On average, nurse anesthetists earn around $153,780.  Because many things can go wrong while administrating anesthesia, including the patients' death, nurse anesthetists have to undergo a whole lot of training in order to practice this proffesion. 
        Out of the 3 proffesions that I researched, I believe that the career that I would be the most interested in pursuing would be that of a psychologist.  To get a job as a psychologist I would need a bachelors degree, 4 to 5 years, which includes the fundamentals of psychology.  After the bachelors degree I would need to get a masters degree, which would take from 2 to 3 years, so that I could start working in this field as a case manager, employment specialist, or social worker.  After doing this research I found out that I had actually never heard of a nurse anesthetist as being a career, which is actually the most promising in terms of job outlook, out of the 3 jobs, in ten years.
         To follow a career as a psychologist I could start by taking an intership as a psychologist assistant at a local hospital.  Also I would get informed about what psychology covers and consider taking a class to be better informed and make sure that this is what I would like to do in the future.  By taking a class on psychology and making more research on this career then I would have more knowledge on psychology and see if it is really something that I would be willing to pursue in a few years.


Friday, February 5, 2016


Animation 1:
In this project there are two friends, Amanda and lily.  They see each other afterschool and set up a date to go to the movies at 7pm.  They meet at the movies and have a good time.  After the movie and a very fun day , they each say goodbye and start heading home.

Maze Game:
The  maze game that I created is very simple and consists of 2 levels. In the first level you have to help the monkey get its bananas and get to the other side of the maze.  In the second level your monkey collects bananas but it gets a little harder with the help of the evil toucan. The toucan is to be avoided, for it will send the monkey back to the beginning.  Get the monkey to its home (the palm tree) and you win!

Platform Game:
My platform game is very easy and simple. The cow has to be able to collect all the pieces of cheese without falling, as she gets to the other side of the screen.  If the cow falls in attempting to get the cheese you have to press the green flag and restart from starting position.  This means that all the cheese that you had already collected will have to be picked up by the cow once again! The goal of the game is achieved when all the cheese has been eaten or picked up by the cow.  After the last piece of cheese is picked up, you win!